Seo Audit Tool

Most people make the mistake of trying to optimize and rank their website before auditing and fixing the technical SEO issues & errors that almost always exist on their site.

And this almost always leads to subpar results and a failed seo campaign or a campaign that will never reach it’s true potential.

Our SEO Audit Process looks at the following things:

1. On page seo errors & technical errors on the website
2. Off page seo issues (bad backlink profile, spammy links, directories, etc)
3. Analytics Audit (Make sure there is nothing off about the important metrics)
4. Search Console Audit (Search console will let us know of any other outstanding issues with the site)

By following this guide and the seo audit checklist provided you’ll be able to audit a website better that most digital marketing agencies will ever do for you.

With this new found knowledge you can go around diagnosing the very things that are and will hold you back from reaching higher rankings on the search engines.